Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Delving into the archives I stumbled upon this early 90's classic, the band that filled the void when Chain of Strength were outed as flakey edge breakers and poseurs supreme!! Now for all you readers that did not experience the heady hardcore days of the 80's the early to mid 90's proved to be a bit of a watershed of the original hardcore sound and was full of down tuned guitars, emoness (a word I may have just made up!) the world had never seen the scale of and probably never ever will again!!! For us Youth crew types it was a bleak bleak world that not even a second Biscuits UK tour or a even couple of Slapshot UK tours could save! Step forward the saviours of our scene... New Jerseys, Mouthpiece or affectionately know otherwise as "the Grease". Here we had a vibrant young band playing what we all grew up on and playing it well...damn they could easily have been a west coast late 80s youth crew band. We loved them, we bought the shirts (6 months from New Age Recs!), we bought the eps,we lapped every song and word up until....erm.... Floorpunch came along!!!!! Anyway what we have here are two distinct different versions of the same ep. The first is the light purple first press of the ep that was a press run of 500 copies, check it!
As you can see it's a strange clear light purple vinyl, looks pretty though!!!

So roll on the years to the summer of 2000 and the big news is that the grease are playing a few reunion shows. Unluckily for me I was devoid of cash so couldn't make it out for them. But luckily for me my friend did make it out and saw the Boston show that featured the likes of In My Eyes and others. For these shows New Age pressed some limited eps up and I believe they were issued with a couple of different covers. I ended up with the following limited clear yellow vinyl with collage cover.

The pressing number of this was out of 500 and I think they pretty much all sold out at those shows.

Increase the grease!!!!

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