Sunday, 25 July 2010


The full length Lp that catapulted the Misfits from a horror influenced Ramones style band to a horrorcore outfit. There are still hints of the trademark early melodic assault but this Lp takes the bull by the horns and thrashes most of the way through! Out of the 3 presses this is apparently a first press and to quote misfits central "There are also light purple front cover background copies on thin, translucent vinyl with PL-902-A MASTERDISK EDP SM3 in the side A matrix, and PL-902-B MASTERDISK EDP M2 on side B." So there you have it and as highlighted by the sun shining through the second picture this is a first press translucent vinyl with just the plan 9 logo and no barcodes in sight on the flip side of the sleeve.

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Tom Schulte said...

I have this translucent black vinyl copy with "$M3 $ PL-902-A MASTERDISK EDP" on the A side and the cover mis-folded so the spine text is on the front cover.

(I didn't know about the translucent part until someone pulled it from my collection and showed me.)