Saturday, 8 May 2010


Another youth crew reissue that basically puts the Jade Tree Records cd discography onto vinyl courtesy of Think Fast Records out of Florida. This captures every recorded output that the band did, demo, ep, lp, comp tracks and some live material added on the end of the discog. I love TP and have done for years, they aped Youth Of Today to start with then developed their own more melodic offerings in the later part of their existence. Such a shame that Skip (vox) is no longer with us and this release is a testimony to how great both he and TP were as a band. Interestingly my record is from the first press and is ltd to 200 copies only. For collector nerds like myself the rest of the press looks something like this :-
1st press:
- 14 rejected test presses
- 14 approved test presses
- 2 rejected clear
- 2 rejected white
- 2 rejected black
- 200 clear
- 300 white
- 525 black
2nd press:
- 5 test presses
- 500 orange

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