Friday, 30 April 2010


Two fucking words Tommy Carroll. Carrot topped, Human dynamo, crazy ass front man, golden gloves boxer and the guy that once infamously spat at "rockstar" Kirk Hammett who was in the audience at a Crumbsuckers show!! The record I own is from the 3rd press and in my honest opinion one of the greatest pieces of NYHC that has been committed to plastic! On an interesting collectors note, the story from duane (Some Records) was that he had the 3rd batch pressed up (black labels w/ white print) and then couldn't afford to pay the bill, so the pressing plant repo'd them. presumably the plant sold them off to a distributor because they seem to be only slightly less abundant than the 2nd press. Pressing info is:-
Breakaway 12" EP (1987 I-Risk)
1st press = 1000 with plain white DJ sleeve
2nd press = 500 with lion sleeve and white labels w/ black print
3rd press = 500 with lion sleeve and black labels w/ white print
Anyway watch the video below and pray for a time machine to take you back to the greatness of Straight Ahead!

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