Sunday, 18 April 2010


Well this one was a bit of surprise considering a) I hadn't realised that it was world record store day and b) that Rev had planned to reissue the first SOIA ep on clear vinyl. Anyways thinking I was gonna be too late to pick one up (as only 550 are in circulation world wide) I made a trip to one of 3 local record stores that I thought might have actually had a chance of ordering them in. Luckily for me the only one open on a Sunday in Newcastle had one copy left and I quickly bought it up. Now to the interesting facts....apparently there are 4 different covers one of which is a black and white version which was previously seen on the original 80's "Gilman Street" press and one like mine which is from the original pressing run and has the old New Haven Revelation Records address on it (see pics). Some inserts (like mine) seem to be old original 80's ones and some are from the last press with the "fake paper clipping included". Anyway for more pics see the related thread on the Livewire Records Board and happy hunting.


Mark-Sandwell said...

Welcome back Lins, you've been missed dude. (I managed to bag a couple from my local shop yesterday too).

Lins87 said...

hey Mark...did you get variants or the same as me?? Hope your well buddy.

marcus said...

Well this one was a bit of surprise considering a) you only seem to post about Misfits records these days, and b) you haven't posted for 6 months.

Hopefully you've bought more shit in the past six months that you can now show us all :o)

Anonymous said...

This is the first record the tight sods bought in over six months.