Wednesday, 22 April 2009


To coincide with the world record store day and to honour the fact that the first Bad Religion ep was sold primarily through small indie records stores Epitaph have reissued this ep in a press of 400 records per colour worldwide. I do know it has been pressed on black, white, clear red (US pressing), pink and red (Euro pressing), but I don't know of the numbers. Anyway a nice addition to my collection and its already selling for 2 times the amount I bought if for on Ebay! score!
Update - Thanks to Marcus I now have the US pressing on white and oddly enough it comes in a fold out poster sleeve and also with a lyric sheet which makes it totally different to the hard card sleeve of the European version.

And another addition is the European press on Hot pink wax. Nice!!!!!!


marcus said...

Also seems to come on pink - see Sandwell's blog.

Mike said...

Nice. I was looking for this one on Record Store Day, but didn't find it locally.