Wednesday, 22 October 2008

IQ 32

Another Necros rip roarer! Touch and Go pretty much along with dischord released most of the non west coast hardcore that in turn became legendary. This ep is no exception since its a split label release! I remember the first time I heard that there was a band called the Necros, "they must have gothic overtones" I said but boy was I wrong! Straight to the point hardcore, simplisticy all produces favourable results. A lot of peeps think that the Conquest For Death LP is better but I beg to differ. As for this pressing its the 3rd. Heres a run down of the complete pressing info. 3000 made, 3 pressings of 1000 each. 1st pressing with green labels, 2nd pressing with tan labels, 3rd pressing with white labels, all have different lyric sheets. 100 of the first pressing in special 'Skate Park' sleeve, numbered, sold at a Necros gig at Endless Summer Skate Park. + lyric sheet.


Mike said...

The first Necros that I hear was the live album (Tangled Up?). I was pretty disappointed, as I was expecting some great hardcore/punk, and I felt like I got some 3rd rate arena rock. 15 years later, I finally downloaded this EP. This is what I had been expecting!

mel said...

I've always preferred the this 7" to the LP. this is one of my top ten fave records of all time.