Friday, 5 September 2008


Social Circkle are one of my favourite bands that are active. I love the songs they write because they are so god damn catchy and they can pull of that early 80s vibe very well to. Funnily enough this release is also on my current favourite record label, no coincidence there. And lets face it any band that adds a K to circle is worthy of a listen! Pretty straight forward cover art and lyric sheet, with a nice thick white vinyl. I guess my only gripe is that the production on this release is a little flat and although the big hole in the middle of the record looks good and gives the record that 80s authenticity its a nightmare to play if you don't have a plastic middle piece handy.


Mark said...

Fucking great record, one of the best No Way releases by a mile. Ex-Glory Fades too!


Lins87 said...
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Lins87 said...

I agree its a great record but their next ep Afflications is better. Seriously check it out.