Friday, 5 September 2008


Very underated early 80s hardcore band, I love this ep, the songs are great, very stop and start ! Not too sure about the pressing info and to be honest when this arrived I was quite concerned that it had a photocopied cover as all of the sites with info on this ep stated that the the cover was two pieces of card!! Anyway after a little more research I found that these photocopied covers were done for a show the band played way back and I can only presume that was because they had ran out of regular covers. An educated guess so I'm sticking with it until someone else can tell me otherwise.


lecky said...

There is an obvious difference on this version of the cover which shows it's not just a copy of the regular one.
On the back the track listing is laid out completely different to the regular sleeve.
By the way, I had to pay an excess postage charge of £1.10 for that stuff you sent me, you can buy me a drink next time I see you. ;)

Greg Artifix said...

I've got one like this too that I bought at Vinyl Solution in Huntington Beach, CA around 1990. I thought it was a repro sleeve at first too, but it is legit. I'm not sure why the band did it though. Probably the label did it.