Thursday, 4 September 2008


Seattles Brotherhood are probably more well known these days due to their non edge links than their actual music. Brotherhood where one of the later 80s straight Edge bands and formed from the ashes of False Liberty but nowadays the link is to their once guitarist Gregg Anderson, supremo of Southern Lord Records and guitarist and collaborator in evertything none edge like Sunn 0)), Goatsnake and more. This is a pretty decent record with unique vocals that has stood the test of time. The packaging and record as can be seen is of the red variety, infact maybe too much red going on in this. One variant of this record I'd like to get hold of at some stage would be the F**k Racism ltd cover on blue vinyl. I know that there are other variants of this release and that the one I have is the most common. I'll update the blog as and when I manage to score any of them.


Lecky said...

I have three copies of this, blue vinyl with the fuck racism sleeve, this one like yours and then another red one but it has the fuck racism sleeve which Ron Brotherhood sent to me with an Overkill records order. He told me he put the leftover sleeves from the first press with the leftover vinyl from the second press to get rid of the last 50 odd copies.

xReganx said...

hey i just bought a copy of this an was wondering if it originally came with an insert and im also trying to find some pressing info about it, any ideas?