Friday, 22 August 2008


Originally released on Foundation Records in 1990, Alan's skate and record shop based in Wigan had a record label that somehow reissued this for the UK and Europe! Still not quite sure how that happened but I'm grateful nonetheless. I remember ordering this and waiting patiently for the postie to deliver my goods, that wait lasted 8 weeks. On initial examination I was excited that I had both first press colours of white and blue. The label even placed a small typed sheet explaining the pressing info and why the artwork  sucked (see pic above)! I still feel that they could have done without the excuses and produced something with a bit more imagination,and hey at least the live photo on the cover was actually a live gig photo this time around. Anyway another musical ripper from the the Orange County answer to the Backstreet Boys! The 3rd press I got in a trade a while back and the colour scheme must be First Strikes answer to the first ep on Revelation!


marcus said...

Did I ever tell you - I have number 1/1500? I bought it from Alan Woods in 1995. The funny thing is that he told me on the phone he wanted £20 for it & I said I would call back and let him know because I wanted a day or two to think about it, because back then £20 seemed like a lot of money.

Lins87 said...

thats amazing and yes back in 95 that was a lot haha.